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Hey! This page is where you can find all the blog posts related to this website's maintenance.
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I'm expanding my home network

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I'm constantly updating this website

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I like traveling and I happen to blog about it

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flat design is back.

august 8th, 2021
I brought back flat design to my website...

I revisited this website and it looked like trash.

april 13th, 2021
so... I looked at this website after a little while without looking at it, and realized that it looked like Windows 8. so i fixed it...

I somehow forgot about this website.

march 7th, 2021
well... uh... I forgot about this website for a little while. here's what I did...

the first redesign.

september 30th, 2020
the latest version of this website got a major redesign. now with dynamic dark mode...

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