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i went to Philidelphia.

Hey guys! Last Wednesday (Nov 10th) at around 2:45 I left for Philidelphia. 3 1/2 hrs later I arrived at my airBNB. Here's what happened after that.
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I couldn't go into Philidelphia without getting a cheese steak. So I got one. It was big, so I finished it for dinner on the way back home later that day.

drive home.

On my drive home, I spotted a familiar looking billboard. Is that... DuckDuckGo? The search engine I used for over 2 years (I switched to Startpage)? It was.

wait... that's it?!

I didn't take very many pictures that didn't involve people, and I don't have much else to say.

no, it's not.

Ok, that last paragraph was a lie. I didn't have a very good time in Philly. Except for the food, I didn't really do very many exciting things. I went to IKEA and visited family. Those were the 2 main things. Not very exciting. I would rather go to NYC, which is much closer to my house and has more things to do.

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