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the switch was broken. now it's not.

i forgot to share that my switch arrived. i (obviously) have not detailed my experience with it, what happened to it, and what not.
i am posting this blog post to share my experience, what i'm using the switch for and i also have a small story to tell.

my thoughts.

the switch is a 24 port 1gbps switch, which is plenty for me but it might not satisfy other peoples needs.
in my opinion the switch isn't very good looking, but it was designed to be locked away on a rack. i don't have a rack, so it went on a bookself.

the switch in its current spot

the switch is a huge upgrade over what i had, especially for what i paid for it ($50). i don't really need all 24 ports right now, but i will soon.

a story involving hp enterprise's rma process.

about a week after i got the switch, it started malfunctioning. i looked up what to do and i found that there was a hardware malfunction. i called hewlett-packard enterpise's rma line, and was transfered to someone who could actually help me. and then the line disconnected, right before i got their phone number in case they got disconnected. i called the rma phone line again and found that no reps were available. the next day i called in again. no reps were available. this is a 24/7 line, too. i tried and tried again, and each and every time i called no reps were available. i finally realized i could just file an rma online. i got a functioning switch and i shipped back the old switch.

did you know that hp enterprise is a completely seperate company from hp inc? i found that fact interesting, and i hope you do too.

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