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i revisited this website and it looked like trash.

hello again! itza me, ya wall03!
i'm back after a month of inactivity, and i've made this website pop.
like it didn't pop before... but much more than last time. And last time popped more than the time before.

what's new?

so... you want to know what's new. that makes sense. here's what changed:
  1. -lowercase... everywhere. it was rolled out to some places before, but is now everywhere. you can see the changes on places like the menu bar. so... yeah.

  2. -neumorphism design is everywhere. i used to create the look. you can learn about neumorphism by googling it.

  3. -emoji icons in footnotes. i used a magic thing called unicode to make it work without uploading images.

  4. -animations. you'll now find them on menu items (scroll up).

  5. -i remembered there was such thing as light mode. i mean, i knew it was there before, but didn't want to turn my entire system to light mode. i found individual browser controls and now run ms edge for testing light mode to make sure that everything looks good.

what to expect in the future.

don't expect me to do something. i don't have a schedule and don't plan to have one for releases. expect an update when i forget about this website than revisit it and revamp it. you can follow me on the ltt forum to see updates on design and prototypes.

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