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welcome to my blog.

Welcome to the place I post stuff that happened or is happening to me.
I mostly post about networking and this website, but that is subject to change.
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home network 2.0
I'm expanding my home network

website updates
I'm constantly updating this website

travel blogs
I like traveling and I happen to blog about it

new site alert (fr this time).

june 2nd, 2022
a small update regarding my home network, along with an update on the development of this website...

home network update.

november 28th, 2021
a small update regarding my home network, along with an update on the development of this website...

i went to Philadelphia.

november 14th, 2021
I drove to Philadelphia and spent the night...

i now sell cat stuff.

september 18th, 2021
I now produce cat stickers and shirts...

flat design is back.

august 8th, 2021
I brought back flat design to my website...

the switch was broken. now it's not.

august 7th, 2021
The network switch broke. here's why it's not anymore...

the package came and it looks amazing.

april 25th, 2021
The network switch came, and here are my thoughts...

I'm currently waiting for a package.

april 18th, 2021
The network switch is ordered. now what? here's what...

I decided to actually use this blog for something besides website updates.

april 15th, 2021
I finally decided to do a project. here's what the project is...

I revisited this website and it looked like trash.

april 13th, 2021
so... I looked at this website after a little while without looking at it, and realized that it looked like Windows 8. so i fixed it...

I somehow forgot about this website.

march 7th, 2021
well... uh... I forgot about this website for a little while. here's what I did...

why I haven't been posting lately.

october 30th, 2020
guess who hasn't been posting lately? me! I forgot about this for while and am now learning Javascript...

the first redesign.

september 30th, 2020
the latest version of this website got a major redesign. now with dynamic dark mode...

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