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what about me?

Hey! I hope you are having a wonderful day (or night).
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let me tell you about myself

Hey! Here's some info about me.


I am a male human being with interests in programming, writing, tech, graphic design, video games, networking and memes.


Here's something weird about me: for some weird reason, I find it soothing to buy office supplies and look at networking supplies.

I am also a person with a very low attention span and I often start working on something and abandon it and start working on something else.


I believe that everyone has a human right to water, privacy, democracy, freedom of speech, open and free software, an internet connection, a climate that doesn't change, and a living wage.

now let me tell you about this website.

Once upon a time, everything was free for everyone to copy. Now, corporations are fighting for exclusive rights to their work for practically forever. I do not agree with these corporations and this website is now open source! Download or view it now by clicking this link. Oh! Also, below is a history of this website.

mobile update

Hate the menu overflowing onto two rows on mobile (image)? Well, I fixed that, so now it doesn't spill over on to two rows on larger phones, and gracified the overflow on smaller devices into a uniform experience. (image) (image)

a new glorious blue coat of paint

I have been slowly polishing this website since august 2021. very minor changes but they really make a difference.

flat is good now.

An extensive amount of changes rolled out to this website on august 7th, 2021. the changes included badly needed updates to the layout on mobile, a flat design (neumorphism was scrapped) and a rearranged guide page. blog post.

is that neumorphism????

The april 2021 update of this website, which started development on april 4th, 2021, featured a design updated with neumorphism techniques, along with small updates such as some attention to the light version of the website, emojis, and some animations added to the menu bar. blog post.

round'd and astound'd

The march 2021 update featured color accents, an improved layout, an improved design, and rounded corners. blog post.

the layout: reimagined

This website had its first major redesign roll out in september of 2020. This redesign added dark mode. it also introduced a new layout, specialized mobile layout, and other improvements. It was the first time this design was based on all-lowercase philosophy, too. blog post.


This website was created on september 2nd, 2020. the design was very basic, and looked much different from today.


time person of the year
I was the time person of the year in 2006

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