about me, wall03.

this page, the one you are reading, is about wall03, me.
heres some quick facts about me: i code html and css and make websites, mainly for myself but have had a few clients. (click here if you are interested) i also like playing minecraft, rocket league, and among us.

projects i am working on

no projects
what a tragedy.

fyi, i have most of the interesting information on different pages that didn't exist until not so long ago, so here are some interesting links

heres my contact information for inquires on web design, questions, or anything else.
i built a computer

about this website. this one, right here.

this website was created on the September 2nd, 2020. Since then, there have been multiple revisions (More on that) since then and as of September 29th, 2020, the official website version is v2.0.1. as of September 27th, 2020 the nightly version is v2.0 revision 4, and the beta version is on v2.0 revision 2. the website itself has recently undertaken a massive redesign, with dark mode dynamically enabled depending

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